Lost in Lace

Give lace the adequate space in your wardrobe place. And no, I’m not talking about underwear; I’m talking about dresses! Many of them! Lace is in, and it’s hotter than ever! Give it the appropriate time of day and you will feel sexier than ever.


Don’t fall into the trap that lace can only be worn in Summer, as all our garments come with a built in lining or slip.


Our lace range is booming in the celebrity market. DJs, Reality Stars, bloggers, actresses etc are all cashing in on the lace trend, and Romance is their dress of choice for all occasions.

The biggest issue most people have with the lacey dress is not figuring out where they fit into their weekly wardrobe. Many of us think (I used to be an offender of this) that lace dresses can only be worn to weddings, proms, black tie events and formals. Well, we couldn’t be more wrong! You don’t have to meet the Queen to pull off elegance! When you find the right style and colour, the occasion is easy. Lace from Romance could be appropriately worn to work and even carried on to the evening’s festivities, without the worry of pondering on what to wear.


Instead of your mind heading straight to the traditional creams and blacks when it comes to lace, think outside the box. Consider wearing Royal Blue, Pink or even Seafoam.


The trend is setting and it’s taking the public by storm. Join the lace race and make sure you can get your hands on this range before it’s all gone.