Power Flowers

Leave your floral morals at home this season, because power flowers are in. The era of only wearing your floral skirt for Sunday lunch or the terrifying first meeting with the in laws is over, flowers can now be trendy, cool and tough. These are what we call - Power Flowers.
Wallpaper florals have made a huge influx in the market this year complimenting the gently distorted silhouettes that we’ve known to love. It’s now brighter, more flamboyant patterns that are getting the attention; and guess what fashionistas? Are we not loving every minute of it!?
Let’s check out where they’ve been fitting into the industry.
Simone Rocha dared to take the triple matching print to the runway this year with this loud rendition of a traditional favourite. The matching shoes and bag leave the eyes wandering, wanting and watering!
Céline really reaffirmed the Power in Power Flower through their plunging neckline and high slit. No class was lost of this one. Wear with statement heels or a simple pair of flats.


Let’s take a step away from the runway, where Michael Kors is pushing the boundaries again, but this time he’s taken Poppy Delevingne with him. If anyone was going to make a 50’s floor length floral sexy, it’s Kors, this time with shimmering green and gold oversized blooms!


Honey & Beau’s Floradora Print made headlines this season, gaining a widespread reaction from highly demanded bloggers and celebrities. There’s no surprise there!
On a recent trip to LA, Real Housewives Star, Alexis Bellini, could not take her eyes of the Floradora jacket and dress combination.
Whereas, Mama Stylista put the versatile Floradora Skater dress to a casual place, and added a bit of leg too!
Ever heard of A Little Dash of Darling? Well, if you haven’t, then you aren’t a true fashion lover! I kid, I kid, but Dash Darling mastermind Caitlin Lindquist is back and in Honey & Beau. This time she’s dressing in Floradora Skater get up, pairing it with her go to Chanel Bag.
Do you own too many dresses (if that’s possible)? Don’t fret; the in-fashion flowers don’t discriminate against the powerful pantsuit. If it’s good enough for Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for us.


This year, Saint Laurent (Formerly YSL), Miu Miu and Emilio Pucci all brought flower power haters back down to earth with an impressive gravitational pull.


Nothing was going to stop Honey & Beau from crashing the powerhouse show with the highly acclaimed Floradora Jacket and Pant combo.


YSL made an impression with statement zips, shimmering aquas and blood deep reds.
Miu Miu still arrived at the party on time, but went for a more relaxed approach with a sleeveless and capri combination.
The final player was Pucci, who used the highly in demand Poppy Delevingne to produce a product that was worthy of the flower power badge. Watch out early 70’s, the flowers may be here to stay.


Jump on board the power train and grab yourself some flowers. Honestly, what reason do you have not to?